How We Help

Harboring Hearts provides a haven for heart patients and their families while they are seeking medical care away from home. We offer solutions to financial and emotional issues often associated with a family member undergoing cardiac treatment. These issues include:

Through community outreach programs and small grants, we have provided financial and emotional support to 200 families all over the country.

As Harboring Hearts grows, we hope to continue to alleviate the financial and emotional burdens often coupled with heart disease. We want to expand our positive impact on the cardiac community by providing comprehensive solutions for the well-being and health of heart patients and their families.

For more information about our financial assistance grants, please have your social worker contact us at 866.958.2536 ext. 1 or at [email protected]. We are sorry, but we cannot accept requests from individuals at this time.

“We absolutely appreciate the gift we received today in the mail. I was able to use the funds to cover some of our heating expenses and also get the boys some warmer jackets. Thank you so much!”

Leslie Lopez (mother of two heart transplant survivors), February 2011