Housing Support

Facing heart disease is financially and emotionally challenging, especially when traveling from far away to seek the best medical care. Harboring Hearts welcomes heart patients and their families into a community that will support them while they undergo heart treatments and make the journey to recovery.

Please have your social worker contact us at 866.958.2536 ext.1 or at [email protected] if you are in need of housing.  We cannot accept requests from individuals.

“Harboring Hearts Housing is a necessary organization because the costs of staying at the hospital in New York City is anywhere from $700 – $900 per night for a patient. In addition, many cardiac patients that live outside of New York City will have to spend a substantial amount of time and money traveling to and from the hospital. Having a temporary home close to the hospital during the patient’s treatment will substantially help families during these trying times.”

William Sullivan
CEO & President
Ronald McDonald House of New York City

Adrian and Olivia