Who We Help

The Need

There is a shortage of affordable short-term housing in New York City yet cardiac patients and their families face immediate need for such housing during a period of immense emotional stress.

Why do patients travel to NYC for cardiac/medical care?

In addition to the stress of traveling to an unfamiliar city is the added financial pressure of massive medical costs often associated with heart-related surgeries.

What are the medical and non-medical costs?

The Demand

Many families have contacted Harboring Hearts Housing to find affordable housing while their loved ones receive medical care in New York City.

Harboring Hearts Housing believes anyone going through cardiac procedures should have access to top medical care regardless of their financial situation. We would like to eliminate the hurdles of coming to New York City for such care by providing an affordable, home-like environment that would alleviate both the emotional and financial stress of traveling long distances for requisite medical care. Our hope is that Harboring Hearts Housing will not only help provide temporary housing for patients and caregivers, but also help create a safe haven and a community of support for them.

If you need assistance in finding housing in New York while seeking treatment for a heart transplant or other cardiac condition, please have your social worker contact us at 866.958.2536 ext. 1 or [email protected].